The Science



This activity is being conducted to create research and content in support of BELTER’s flavoured caffeine performance pouches.

The exercise element, using a circuit class aims to measure the impact the BELTER flavoured caffeine performance pouch has on:

  • Exercise output (EO)
  • Rating of perceived exertion (RPE)
  • Heart Rate (HR)

This data will be collected by experienced exercise professionals and the circuit session will be run by a member of the Nuffield Health exercise staff.

The activity will be filmed and a photographer will attend to take still images throughout the activity.
Sport Science Agency and BELTER will collect and showcase some participant's data for marketing purposes. By signing this waiver and informed consent, participants agree to allow their data image and likeness to be used as part of this campaign.

The exercise activity will take place on the 29th September and 6th October 2023 at 7pm, Nuffield Health Gym, Stoke on Trent. Testing will commence during the scheduled circuit class session at 7pm.

The exercise will follow the usual circuit class format, with participants asked to count their reps during each one-minute exercise bout. A few seconds will be then used for participants to fill in the number of reps on a score sheet. After each group of exercises, RPE will also be recorded.
Heart rate will be measured throughout via Polar OH1 heart rate monitors which will be provided by Sport Science Agency and are to be returned following both exercise sessions..

The activity will be repeated the following week, with participants this time using having a BELTER before the session. The scores from each session will be compared to measure the impact the BELTER caffeine performance pouch has had.

Participants will be asked to limit their caffeine intake prior to both tests except for the use of a BETLER caffeine performance pouch 30 minutes prior to the second exercise session.