What is BELTER?

The main active ingredients of a BELTER pouch are 80mg of caffeine and its flavourings, all contained in a plant-derived cellulose pouch much like a tea bag.

Both the caffeine and the flavour work together to help improve alertness, cognitive performance, attention and reaction time. BELTER can also reduce the perception of fatigue and help support both mental and physical performance.

Aside from 80mg of caffeine, each BELTER performance pouch also contains:
Bulking Agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose (E460i)), Sweetener (Erythritol (E968)), Sucralose (E955)), Humectant (Glycerol (E422)), Flavourings, Taurine, Salt, Antioxidant

Our BELTER pouches are made out of plant-derived cellulose, similar to the material used commonly in tea bags.

Unlike many other well-known pouch-based products, BELTER contains no tobacco or nicotine.


We have formulated the product to ensure it has no adverse effect on oral health. It is safe for teeth and gums and comfortable to use as intended. BELTER pouches are also tested for banned substances and have been certified by Informed Sport to provide the highest level of assurance for our customers and athletes.

Each pouch contains 80mg of caffeine, while the recommended daily intake of caffeine is up to 400 mg. We recommend a maximum of 3 BELTER pouches per day if you consume other caffeine products otherwise up to 5 BELTERs can be taken in a day.

Research has shown we need over 70mg of caffeine to begin to see the benefits to cognitive function.

It’s a little hard to say, depending on the bean and the roast, but that’s a whole other story!

A single shot of espresso contains between 40-60 mg while a medium Americano sits at around 200 mg.

A single BELTER pouch, at 80 mg, is closest to a 250ml can of a famous energy drink.

We recommend users to be at least 16 years old in order to purchase and enjoy BELTER.

While BELTER does utilise oral pouch technology, that’s where the similarities with Snus end.

BELTER does not contain tobacco or nicotine.

How to use BELTER

The easiest way to take BELTER is to place it on your tongue and then move the pouch up under the gum. This process quickly becomes easy and discreet.

Much like gum, dispose of the pouch instead of swallowing it. You can either pop it in a nearby bin or, if there’s not one around, keep it in the canister’s lid compartment until you find one.

This can vary depending on what you want. The first 15 minutes will deliver most of the caffeine while the flavour will last much longer. This not only provides great-tasting flavour for longer but also helps you stay focused long after the caffeine has been absorbed.

BELTER can be used to provide a quick pre-work boost or kept for as long as your chosen activity. At the end of the day, it’s your pouch!

You can pop a used BELTER pouch straight in the bin. But just in case there’s not one close by, each canister comes with a lid compartment to store spent pouches until you can find a bin. After all, no one likes litter!

BELTER, like gum, should be disposed of and not swallowed. But accidents can happen, don’t worry as it will be digested normally with no noticeable impact.

BELTER delivers heightened focus, and physical and mental performance all without feeling wired or jittery. The direct delivery of caffeine means that a smaller amount can go further - meaning that there is little to no drop-off or crash afterwards.

When to use BELTER

The potential uses for BELTER are diverse and wide-reaching. It can be used for a physical boost for gym sessions or performance in sport.

  • You can use a BELTER on your night out or at a festival for when you need to stay up longer through the night…or need help waking up from the night before.
  • BELTER can also help when you’re pushing for a deadline either when you’re studying or at work.
  • Each BELTER user will have their own preferred activities and events they’ll want a boost for.

A great time to use BELTER will be as little as 15 minutes before a workout. This makes it a lot easier to plan your day and your diet, without having to have your pre-workout an hour before.

You can also use BELTER mid-exercise if you feel your energy levels dip, particularly if you’re flagging at half-time and need a second wind.

The energetic effects of BELTER can last at least an hour after initial use. Most of the caffeine is delivered within 15 minutes and the flavour lasts much longer for a pleasurable taste that helps keep you focused.

For anyone on a stricter diet, BELTER is ideal. Our flavoured performance pouches don’t interfere with and can be used alongside your diet.

None - BELTER pouches are calorie-free!

easy & discreet

guide for use

Only one pouch needed

Remove one pouch from your BELTER canister, only one pouch per use is needed. Place the BELTER pouch on your tongue and move the pouch between your gum and upper lip.