A new international company based in the UK that believes that pouches are the best way to deliver a boost to mental and physical performance. We are starting with our first BELTER product with the ambition to rapidly innovate and grow a whole new category of performance products.

We have top class manufacturing partners who combine food science with pouch technology. We are working with the Sports Science Agency to develop our sports research and support performance with players and clubs.

Founder Des Naughton commented “I founded this business because I saw that the real potential of pouches was to improve human performance. Through working with world-class experts to take ingredients that work in performance and maximise their effectiveness through expanding pouch technology and use."

“We particularly focus on sports not just because we are both fans and players but because we believe it is the toughest test for BELTER. If we can benefit elite coaches, players, and teams, it serves to show how we can help everyone in their daily life be it sport, work or the activities they love”.

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